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Berry College Grist Mill, GA-057-00, Built in 1930, Powered by Overshot Wheel, Non-Operational
Berry College Grist Mill, GA-057-001
16 photos - updated 5/27/2018
Jackson's Mill, Combination grist mill and saw mill, Non-Operational
Jackson's Mill, PA-005-014
12 photos - updated 5/27/2018
Built – 1886; Type - Grist Mill, Powered by - Turbine, Condition - Operational. Currently - National Park. Location: (ADC 49 B2) (C 2) On US Hwy 441 about 3 miles north of CHEROKEE.
MINGUS MILL, NC-087-006, CHEROKEE, NC David A Smith
25 photos - updated 5/27/2018
Mingus Mill, Built in 1886, Powered by Turbine, Operational
Mingus Mill, NC-087-006
1 photos - updated 5/26/2018
McConnel Mill, Built in 1872, Powered by Turbine, Non-Operational
McConnel Mill, PA-037-001
1 photos - updated 5/26/2018
Jenny Plimoth Mill, Reproduction, Powered by Overshot Wheel, Operational
Jenny Plimouth Mill, MA-012-003
1 photos - updated 5/26/2018
Glade Creek Mill, Built in 1976, Power by Overshot Wheel, Operational
Glade Creek Mill, WV-010-001
1 photos - updated 5/26/2018
Colvin Run Mill, Built in 1802, Powered by Overshot Wheel, Operational
Colvin Run Mill, VA-029-002
1 photos - updated 5/26/2018
Tupelo Cotton Mill, Built in 1901, Steam Powered, Non-Operational / Event Center
Tupelo Cotton Mill, MS-041-001
18 photos - updated 5/26/2018
Brewer Austin Mill, This mill is part of the Settlement Exhibit at Discovery Park of America in Union City Tennessee. It is a newly constructed mill building using the milling equipment from 1816.
Brewer-Austin Mill, TN-
10 photos - updated 5/26/2018
New Mills Corn and Flax Mill, Ireland
New Mills Corn and Flax Mill, Ireland
19 photos - updated 5/23/2018
Blennerville Windmill, Ireland
Blennerville Windmill, Ireland
25 photos - updated 5/23/2018
Cushendale Woolen Mill, Ireland
Cushendale Woolen Mill, Ireland
4 photos - updated 5/23/2018
Pigeon Forge Mill, Grist Mill, Powered by Turbine
Pigeon Forge Mill, TN-078-007
1 photos - updated 5/23/2018
Hodgson Grist Mill, Built in 1882, Powered by Turbine, Non-Operational
Hodgson Grist Mill, MO-078-001
3 photos - updated 5/23/2018
Falls Mill was built in 1873 as a cotton and woolen factory. Later it was used as a cotton gin,wood working shop, and grist mill. It currently house the Museum of Power and Industry.
Falls Mill, TN-026-002
49 photos - updated 5/23/2018
Millers Training, March 2017, Falls Mill, Belvidere Tennessee
Millers Training Falls Mill 2017
96 photos - updated 5/22/2018
Riverdale Mill, Grist Mill, Built in 1858, Powered by Overshot Wheel, Non-Operational, Private Residence
Riverdale Mill, TN-047-003
8 photos - updated 5/22/2018
Francis Mill
Francis Mill, NC-044-001
34 photos - updated 5/22/2018
G.T. Wilburn Mill, Built in 1823, Powered by overshot wheel and Turbine, Non-Operational.
G.T. Wilburn Mill, TN-050-004
13 photos - updated 5/22/2018
Watkins Woolen Mill, Built in 1860, Powered by Steam, Non-Operational, State Park
Watkins Woolen Mill, MO-025-002
2 photos - updated 5/22/2018
Ware Eagle Mill, Buit in 1973, Powered by Undershot Wheel, Operational
War Eagle Mill, AR-004-002
3 photos - updated 5/22/2018
Truesdale-Pyeate Mill, Powered by Overshot Wheel, Ruins only
Truesdale-Pyeate Mill, AR-072-002
1 photos - updated 5/22/2018
Star Grist Mill, Non-Operational
Star Grist Mill, MO-038-003
3 photos - updated 5/22/2018
Queen Been Mill, Grist Mill, Built in 1881, Powered by Turbine, Ruins Only
Queen Bee Mill, SD-049-001
5 photos - updated 5/22/2018
Morse Grist Mill, Possibility powered by Turbine, Ruins only. Upstream of the mill is a steel bridge.
Morse Grist Mill, MO-051-006
11 photos - updated 5/22/2018
Ledford Mill, Built in 1884, Powered by Turbine, Non-Operational, Currently a Bed and Breakfast
Ledford Mill, TN-064-001
11 photos - updated 5/22/2018
Ketner's Mill, Grist/Roller Mill, Built in 1882, Power by Turbine, Operational
Ketner's Mill, TN-056-001
11 photos - updated 5/22/2018
K.C. French Mill, Grist Mill, Built In 1877, Powered By Overshot Wheel, Operational
K.C. French Mill, TN-045-005
4 photos - updated 5/22/2018
Alley Spring Roller Mill, Built in 1894, Powered by Turbine, Non-Operational
Alley Springs Mill, MO-103-001
1 photos - updated 5/22/2018