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James Boyer 
919 721 3684

I have acquired a large amount of Milling equipment from a mill In Virginia built in 1900. As well as support equipment.

    All items are in Sanford, NC.

Items: line shafts, corn grinding, flower grinding, amonia pumps, generators, many more, etc.

Baskerville Item Sale

Replies and inquiries to Adam Wengryn at 908-812-1003.
Wanted! TIMBER FRAME FOR A MILL. Looking for an old timber frame mill structure to fit (or be fitted to) an existing foundation. The original structure consisted of a timber frame with two shed additions. The additions are not needed as part of the frame; they will be recreated.  The dimensions of the foundation are 30' x 32’ 6”. The replacement mill can be a standing structure to be dissassembled and then relocated, or a frame already disassembled and stored. The siding or the mill wheel/workings are not required. Elevations of the mill that we seek to replace are in the diagram below.

Contact: Joe Penley - Weaverville, NC

Fitz Waterwheel-Hydrolic Engines
Hanover, PA 10' x 2' #21926

Associated gears and pulleys and bearing for remounting. Everything is complete.
Contact: Bob Pavlic 

The following stone and burr grinders are for sale in Bozemen, MT.  Note: all grinders are in excellent running condition, complete with drive belts.

(1985) Nordyke & Mormon - 14" Stone Grinding Mill

Feed/Burr grinders:
#4 Stover
8" & 10" McCormick-Deering (1906-1934)

Kelly Duplex #1 Burr Mill - 6" Cutter Plates + bagger (1917)

Would like to find a good home for my collection.